Do you enjoy your wine? Are you hoping to find a new wine cooler or are you just now begging your collection and looking for your first wine cooler? in 2018 you will have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a cooler for your wine collection. Some will hold a few bottles and they are great for beginners who are just starting to enjoy the ability to collect both red and white wines. There are also coolers that can hold in excess of thirty bottles for those who want to have a larger collection to choose from. As with all things, there are many different types of coolers for you to choose from. The decision can be difficult and you may not know what the good and the bad of each one is. Never fear, it is easy to figure out what the top 10 best wine coolers in 2018 is. Simple read below to find out the good and bad on the year’s best so far.

10. Frigidaire FFWC 35F4LB

This unit will hold about 35 bottles of wine. It has manual controls rather than digital and they are located at the top and front of the unit just inside the door for easy access. It does not have a digital thermometer. It also uses regular incandescent bulb rather than an LED. This means that it will illuminate the inside of your cooler with a soft yellow light. The door of the unit is glass and it is slightly tinted to give your wine protection from UV rays. One of the best features of the cooler is that the door is reversible. This cooler uses the same compressor and refrigerant-based cooling technology that cools regular refrigerators which means that is perhaps more noisy than you want. There is also a chance that moisture will appear both inside and out if you live in a hotter climate.

9. NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

This cooler is gun metal grey with a clear glass door, blue interior light to enable you to see the bottles inside. It has six racks that are chrome finished. The temperature will always remain consistent and it is extremely quiet because it does not have a compressor on it.

8. The Avanti 18 Dual Zone

The Avanti 18 dual zone wine cooler is made with stainless steel trim and a soft interior light. It is a freestanding cooler and has a very cool lock on the control panel to ensure that you do not accidentally reset the temperature to something that you do not want it on. The dual zone cooling will also allow you to keep your red wine and white wine at a set temperature that is best suited for that particular color.

7. Whynter 18 Bottle Built-In Cooler

The fact that it is a built-in cooler could make the Whynter 18 bottle wine cooler a better option for you if you have limited space in your kitchen. It will fit nicely under your counter and you do not have to worry about ventilation because all of it comes in from the front. If you do have space, you can also use this as a freestanding cooler as well. This makes it very versatile. The cabinet is black with a grey stainless steel door which is double paneled tempered glass. The digital display will allow you to set it to the temperature that you want for it to be and it is located behind the door to ensure that it does not get bumped or dusty. It has six shelves and you can get the optional lock if you want to keep your cooler locked.

6. Danby DWC350BLPA

This unit is able to hold up to 35 bottles of wine but this depends on the size of them. If you have larger bottles or uniquely shaped bottles you may only have room for 30. It is 3 feet tall and it is perhaps best to have it sit under a counter or freestanding in an area that is for it alone. It is a single zone cooler that has five metal shelves that slide out and one stationary shelf on the bottom that can hold a few larger bottles. It uses a standard light bulb which will give it a yellowy light. The door is constructed from shatter-resistant tempered glass. It is covered with platinum trim and reversible. It has a recessed handle which sets it apart from other coolers. There could be some variation in temperatures from the top to the bottom because it is only one zone and because it uses the compressor cooling system. The digital controls and temperature control knob is on the backside of the cooler.

5. NewAir AW-210ED

This unit is unique in the fact that it has two separate doors. The bottom shelves will hold up to 15 bottles and the top will hold up to six. It is also very quiet when it is running thanks to the thermoelectric cooling system. The temperature controls are very accurate and will keep your wine between 44 and 66 degrees with independent push button controls for each of the two zones. The cooler is black with a blue LED light inside and it is insulated as well as UV protected by the glass on the doors.

4. EdgeStar TWR282S

This cooler will hold up to 28 bottles and it will maintain a constant humidity level and temperature even though it only has one cooling zone because it uses the thermoelectric cooling system. It is a black cooler that has a silver matte finish on the door that is constructed with UV-protective glass. It has a towel bar handle and the door is reversible which will make it easy for you to put this cooler anywhere. A blue LED light illuminates the inside of the cooler. The light switch and temperature controls are located inside the door which will ensure that no dust gets to it and you do not have to worry about accidentally resetting the temperature. It does not come with a digital thermometer.

3. NewAir AW-321ED

This black wine cooler looks very sophisticated with its double side-by-side doors and takes advantage of thermoelectric cooling. It can hold up to 32 standard bottles of wine and has wooden shelves. The inside is lit with a blue LED light which automatically shuts off. It works well under counters or freestanding. It does reasonably well with maintaining a consistent temperature though you may want to store the bottles that like cooler temperatures closer to the top.

2. Whynter WC-211DZ

This cooler looks very classy thanks to its slim design, black body and stainless steel door. It does not hold larger bottles very well but the LED temperature controls are located inside the door between the two zones and you can change the temperature with a push of a button. It can hold six bottles up top and 15 on the bottom. It does need clearance around the unit because it uses fans to cool and it has air filters that do need to be cleaned.

1. Kalorik WCL-20629

It is a dual zone wine cooler that will hold up to 18 bottles of wine. It is a slimmer cooler which makes it great for smaller areas. The black interior and exterior looks great thanks to matte silver door and double paned tempered glass as well as the metal shelves. The LED light switch is inside the door and temperature controls are located on the front for easy access. Each zone has its own controls though there is only one door for both zones. It will maintain temperatures well though there is some noise if it has to run hard.

It takes a lot of effort to store wine correctly and ensure that the flavor is always good. Wine is very sensitive to temperature changes and UV light as well as other things.The top 10 best wine coolers in 2018 can help make it a little easier to enjoy your wine whether you choose to have red, white or a few of each.