The Kindle Fire HDX is probably one of the most popular tablets released by Amazon. Despite being affordable, the HDX is far from being a mediocre device and this is probably one of the main aspects that got it selling so well. However, just like with all other tablets, keeping it safe from physical damage, scratches and shocks is very important in order to ensure that not only the warranty is not voided but the product can be enjoyed for a long period of time. To make sure that something undesired happens, it is better to look at some of the available cases and covers and get one that can protect it properly. There are plenty to chose from but in an attempt to narrow down the possible choices, here are the top 10 best Amazon Kindle Fire HDX cases and covers reviews.

10. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Zip Sleeve

Made and sold by Amazon, the Zip Sleeve offers a basic level of protection for the Kindle. Designed to be easy to use and serve as a simple travel and storage accessory, the produce serves its purpose much better than other aftermarket brands. It simple, light and quite affordable. For a sub $30 case, it offers much more than one would expect but this is not much of a surprise since Amazon does tend to offer affordable prices for its own products. It might not offer all the features that a demanding Kindle owner would like but it is great for people that want something simple and affordable. Needless to say, it comes in 5 different colors.

9. Belkin Chambray For Kindle

The Belkin Chambray is a simple and good looking case for the Kindle. It comes with a convenient design and gives the tabled a hardcover handbook look which is not only stylish but also practical in terms of protection. Belkin designed the cover to be easily converted into a stand, making it more convenient to enjoy videos or read books without having to hold the tablet.

8. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Standing Polyurethane Origami Case

The popularity of the Origami Case for the Kindle HD made it obvious that the design will also be made available for the HDX. From a design perspective, the front cover can be twisted and turned into various shapes converting the case into a stand. The back side of the case has a non-foldable design. It might not be the cheapest case but it is a fun accessory that will be enjoyed the most by the ones that like puzzles. The case comes in 5 different colors and features a unique system that directs the sound of the speakers to the front.

7. MarBlue Slim Hybrid Standing Case for Kindle Fire HDX

The MarBlue case is one of the slimmest available. It is a certified “Made for Kindle” case and one of the more affordable ones. The price and functionality makes it one of the better picks as it can covert from a simple protective cover to a stand in a couple of seconds. For additional protection, the back cover has been reinforced while the interior has been covered in a non-slip material to ensure that the Kindle will not slide when in stand position.

6. OtterBox Defender Standing Case for Kindle Fire HDX

The Otter Box is far from being one of the better looking cases. It seems that the manufacturers focused on build one of the best protective cases and did not allocate any time on design. Regardless of its design, it is a robust case that can protect the Kindle from intense usage, being excellent for outdoor usage, or sharing with an entire family. It can also serve as a great protective case for the Kindle when traveling and the HDX needs to be packed with other items.

5. VanGoddy Hydei Bag Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

When it comes to sleeves and carrying cases, the VanGoody Hydei takes the prize for being one of the best looking ones available. It comes with a couple of additional compartments to store small items and the top received a handle to make it easier to carry. The interior has been padded with a soft material to protect the Kindle from shocks and scratches. To offer a wider variety, the manufacturers made it available in multiple colors. Combined with the fact that it is also one of the cheapest cases, the VanGoody earns its spot in this top 10.

4. Poetic Slimline Case for New Kindle Fire HDX

The Poetic Slimline case made use of a classical design taken from other models made for a different brand of tablets. However, even if the design is obviously inspired by a different product, it still manages to remain a top accessory for the Kindle. The front cover is foldable in two different points, making it easy to convert it to a stand. It includes a magnetic enclosing system that unlocks the tablet when the cover is removed.

3. SUPCASE Slim Fit Folio Leather Case For Kindle Fire HDX

SUPACASE made some successful products for older Kindle versions and continued to develop newer ones. The Slim Fit Folio for the HDX is one of the Premium cases available. It is made from high quality synthetic leather with soft interior and a convertible design. It can be tuned into a stand to make it more convenient to read or watch videos without having to hold the Kindle. The manufacturers made the model available in 8 different colors and patterns.

2. MoKo Kindle Fire HDX Slim Folding Case

The MoKo Folding Case is one of the best cases available. It has a premium quality of build with leather covers, padded interior and microfiber for screen protection. In just two seconds, the case can be converted to a stand. The manufacturers offer over 17 different colors for the Folding Case which should offer plenty of options for the ones that want a more non-conventional colored case.

1. Faux Leather Shoulder Bag Hardshell Cube Case For Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

The Faux case is the best accessory for a Kindle Fire HDX. It features a hardshell leather exterior and a convenient handle. The interior comes with multiple compartments for additional items such as a notebook. It comes in 5 different colors but its price and design enables it earn the number one spot in this top 10 list.