Great Teachers really have a massive influence over our lives. They turn us on to topics we never thought we would master and teach us all there is to know on a particular subject. They make us hungry for more knowledge and we become sponges, absorbing everything they say and do in the classroom. It is only natural that we want to purchase a great gift for our great teacher to thank them for the experience of having them as a teacher. Teachers celebrate birthdays each year, giving us the perfect opportunity to buy a nice gift that will let them know they are appreciated. We have reviewed ten of the best birthday gift ideas for teachers here:

10. Sterling Silver slider charm bead

This small apple charm is suitable for fitting on the European Pandora bracelet. It is a beautiful and delicate apple charm, the traditional teacher gift around the world. The apple charm features a hole through the centre of the apple, as though a worm just freshly worked its way through. The top of the apple has a small pink leaf. The charm is something that any teacher would wear and any student would love to give. The charm is interchangeable with a variety of popular charm bracelets, so if you notice that your teacher wears a charm bracelet, this is the perfect thoughtful gift.

9. Teacher Mug.

This mug is attractive and sturdy and features a small saying “Teacher – Teachers Inspire us to Achieve Our Dreams”. The mug is a beautiful blue color inside and delicate flowers are drawn on the outside of the mug. The mug is a perfect gift idea for your favorite teacher, especially if they love to drink coffee or tea each day. It will soon become their favorite mug and you will achieve your goal of being one of their most memorable students.

8. Whimsical watch.

Do you have a favorite math teacher? This is a lovely graphic dial watch which features a combination of fantastic visual presentation and accurate timekeeping. The watch will definitely start an interesting conversation anytime it is worn. The interior of the watch features a hand-crafted miniature apple and calculator. The band is red and features a clasp buckle. The case is a gold tone stainless steel. The bezel material is gold tone stainless steel and has a stationary bezel function. The crystal is plastic with a Japanese quartz movement.

7. Fantastic Apron.

This apron says “because I am the teacher, that’s why” across the front of it. The top half is green with the phrase across it while the bottom half is red. There is an apple and some pencils on the top half which are definitely some common teacher symbols that everyone is accustomed to seeing. If you know your teacher well and you know that the teacher loves to cook or bake, an apron can be an extremely appropriate and appreciated gift.

6. Wooden pointer stick with apple.

The pointer has long been a tool utilized by teachers to review writings on the chalk board or a variety of other things with students. This pointer is wooden and is 18 inches long. It has a small apple attached to the end of the pointer and is extremely attractive and useful. If you are looking for gifts that your teacher will not only use, but will also appreciate, this is one of those items.

5. Fabulous educator metal wine bottle holder.

This wine bottle holder is a really great gift idea for that teacher who did a fantastic job. The bottle holder has a lot of incredible detail and is a one of a kind item that your teacher is sure to appreciate. The holder is made from nickel plated metal that is lead free. It holds one regular sized wine bottle and is a really neat collectible. The entire piece is 12.5 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches. If you want to give your teacher a gift that they will really love, get them this wine bottle holder and include their favorite bottle of wine.

4. Terra Cotta Tea Light Holder.

If you want to inspire your teacher with warmth and peace, get them a beautiful tea light holder. This item has an inspirational saying and will add charm to any room that it is in. It is uniquely styled which makes the candle holder ideal for anyone’s decorative tastes. The holder is four inches around makes a thoughtful gift that any teacher would love. Candle holders are always an item that is useful and used often and the inspirational saying on the side is a reminder about how much the teacher is appreciated.

3. For a Teacher Who Soars Scrapbook.

This is a personalized memory book that can be a combination of a scrapbook and yearbook. Inside is a poem, a letter and a story, all of which can be personalized to suit your teacher. There is room for a child and a class to add their own poems, letters and more items if they wish. There are spaces for people to handwrite whatever they wish and there are photo slots too. The teacher can easily put the whole book away on a bookshelf when they want to.

2. Pen Cufflinks.

If you have a male teacher that loves pens, these cufflinks are absolutely perfect. They come in a special gift box and feature two silver cufflinks that have pens on the ends. These cufflinks will be appreciated by your teacher, and will make him feel extremely special every time he wears them. Cufflinks can have special meaning, especially when they are given to a teacher by a student.

1. Teacher pendant.

This pendant is designed by IceCarats and is 14k yellow gold. The pendant is an apple and says “#1 Teacher” on it. The total weight is 1.76 grams and the pendant can be added to a necklace. The pendant cannot be engraved because it has a textured back. Any teacher will love this amazing and attractive pendant for many years to come.