If you are passionate about cycling and you want to get rid of the extra weight, then you surely know that the bicycle handle can get quite slippery as you sweat. Fortunately, this is where the cycling gloves step in and help you protect your hands while enjoying the best possible experience. These gloves are comfortable, they ensure a safe and secure grip and they come in a variety of different materials as well. That being said, here you will find the top 10 best cycling gloves in 2018 reviews:

10. The Louis Garneau’s Men’s Cycling Glove

Priced between $9.99 and $14.50, the Louis Garneau’s Men’s cycling glove is lightweight and highly comfortable, and it has high performance features. Made of 75% polyester and 25% lycra on the upper hand and 40% polyurethane and 60% polyester fabric on the palm, these gloves are your best friend whenever you go out cycling. At the same time, these cycling gloves come with an ErgoZone and foam padding along with the special microfiber thumb. They allows you to stay focused on the race, they are stretchable and they deliver the utmost comfort. Besides this, the gloves are designed to be very durable in the long run and they are highly resistant to water as well. Overall, the Louis Garneau’s Men’s cycling gloves are designed to provide ventilation for the maximum airflow throughout your ride, while the microfiber thumb absorbs all the excess sweat.

9. The Sugoi Men’s Neo Glove

This neo glove manufactured by Sugoi is especially designed for men, it comes with a price that ranges anywhere between $3.79 and $20,00 and it comes with a gel pad placement for extra comfort throughout the long cycling rides. Moreover, the cycling gloves come with textures breathable wicking back that is designed to boost your performance while increasing your comfort at the same time. The neo gloves are also snag resistant, they are aimed at offering you a tenacious fit and they come with a terry thumb wiping surface as well. The Sugoi Men’s Neo cycling gloves are available in a stylish black color.

8. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Thermal Lite Glove

Manufactured by Pearl Izumi, the Men’s thermal lite glove is priced between $12.69 and $22.98, it is made of a pro thermal lite fabric designed to keep your hands warm even during cold weather, they are lightweight and very easy to pack and they also come with silicone screened finger tips designed for the best performance grip a cyclist could possibly wish for. In addition to this, the Pearl Izumi Men’s thermal lite cycling glove is made of 99$ polyester and 1% polyamide, it must never be washed with detergents that have fabric softeners or an additive type of product and it is made in Vietnam. The glove is designed to resist in the long run and it can be used both by beginners and by professionals in cycling.

7. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Gel Glove

This is yet another model of cycling glove made by Pearl Izumi. The Men’s elite gel glove is priced between $25.99 and $99,99, it is available in a pleasant black color and the back of the glove is made of 30% nylon and 70% polyester palm. The glove is designed for cycling professionals who put in a lot of saddle time. The ice fill of the gloves is precisely what adds to the comfort and the popularity of these cycling gloves, they are designed to deliver increased performance through the specially engineered materials and to balance the perfect anatomic feet, so that you as an athlete can connect to your gear – your bicycle in this case.

6. The Giro Bravo Gloves

Manufactured by Giro company, the Giro Bravo gloves are priced between $9.89 and $30,00, they are available in two different colors (black and yellow), they are made of a breathable mesh and they are moisture-wicking as well. Besides this, the giro bravo gloves have a highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface, they come with a low profile velcro closure and they also have a super fit engineered, three panel design that comes with a new ax suede synthetic leather embedded in it as well. The gloves have an optimized and user friendly gel padding as well, for even more comfort.

5. The Cgecko Men’s Reflex Gel Bike Cycling Glove

This is a versatile type of glove that can be used across a variety of sports – while it is mainly designed to be used as a cycling glove, the Cgecko Men’s reflex gel bike cycling glove can also be used for skiing and skateboarding, given the fact that it comes with high quality shock pads that can be used for a variety of high impact sports. These gloves are priced between $23.97 and $25.87 on Amazon, they are available in a red color, they are lightweight and have a flexible top hand fabric designed to add to your performance and to maximize your comfort. Moreover, the intelligently positioned gel palms allow you to evenly distribute the pressure acriss your palm, so that you do not need to worry about hand fatigue. The gloves also come with double layer ax suede fit, they have an absorbent thumb wiping surface as well as a silicone fingertip print for even more grip.

4. The Giro Monaco Road Gloves

Priced between $19.95 and $92,00, the Giro Monaco Road Gloves are made by Giro, they are available in either red or white, they have a super fit design with a three panel palm for a tailored fit and they also come with double stitched seams. Moreover, the glove has updated pittards vented leather palm for extra breathability and grip, it is moisture wicking and it has a three millimeter technogel pads designed to evenly distribute the pressure, for more comfort and durability. At the same time, the low profile velcro closure and the highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface add to the comfort as well.

3. The Avenir Classic Comfort Cycling Gloves

These comfort cycling gloves by Avenir are priced between $6,76 and $18,99, they come with an absorbent brow wipe, a weave crochet designed to keep your hands cool and a new design upgrade as well. Another notable feature of these cycling gloves is that they have a compression foam padding that is thicker in certain parts, for the high contact points.

2. The Louis Garneau 12C Air Gel Gloves

On the 2nd place on the list there are the 12C air gel gloves made and sold by Louis Garneau on Amazon, at a price that ranges between $24,91 and $71,39. These gloves are highly recommended for those who are passionate about road cycling, they have a biogel padding and they also come with a one year manufacturer warranty.

1. The Elite Cycling Project Road Race Gel Fingerless Gloves

The number one cycling gloves on the list are undoubtedly the Elite Cycling Project gel fingerless gloves that are available in a beautiful blue color and can be bought on Amazon for only $14.99. These gloves come with padded palm and gel thumb protection, they have a velcro wrist fastener, an Amara palm lycra back, a silicon printed graphic on the fingers and palms and they are machine washable as well.