Electric razors for men have become very sought-after lately – they are very convenient and easy to use, they are compact and easy to carry around and, most importantly, they are designed to help you achieve great shaving without experiencing any cuts or the dreaded razor burn. If you have decided to invest in a top notch electric razor for men, then you have already taken the first step! Here you will find out more about these devices, along with the top 10 best electric razors for men 2014:

10. The Philips Norelco AT810

Philips is a very popular electronics manufacturer, and it has launched an extensive array of electric razor on the market – the AT810 model is basically an advanced electric razor that comes with an aquatec electric razor as well as the powertouch function, everything for only $59.95. The aquatec technology embedded in this device is especially designed to ensure a top-notch shaving if using foam or gel – also, it protects the delicate and sensitive skin. Another notable feature is the dual precision system coupled with the flexing head that is designed to adjust to each one of your face’s and neck’s contours. It is recommended to replace the razors once every 10 months, to ensure their efficacy and performance.

9. The Panasonic ES2207P Wet And Dry Shaver

There is nothing more efficient and more convenient than a wet and dry shaver such as the ES2207P provided by Panasonic. This system consists of three electric razors that catch and cuts the hair strains in just one single pass and it only costs $18.99. No matter if you are looking for a dry shaving device or you want to shave your face in the shower, this one is a very useful device – mainly due to the floating head shaving system. Also, it has a special foil designed to protect the sensitive skin!

8. The Braun 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

Brought to you by Braun manufacturer, this wet and dry shaver costs $59.99 and it comes with free shipping. It is designed to help you achieve a perfectly smooth and even skin, and it also aims to reduce the bothersome skin irritation. It has embedded skin conditioners as well as a rotary systems, both of which add to the comfort and effectiveness of the shaving. The Braun Wet And Dry Shaver comes with a two-year warranty, it is fully washable and waterproof.

7. The Wahl 9918-6171

This is a great electric razor that also acts as a trimmer for your beard and mustache – if you are the type of classy and elegant gentleman who always makes sure that his beard or mustache are perfectly contoured, then look no further than the Wahl 9918-6171. Made from high-carbon steel blades, the razors will stay sharp for a longer period of time. The device can be operated via batteries, it comes with a three year limited warranty as well as a stylish travel pouch for gentlemen who travel a lot.

6. The Povos PQ9200 Electric Rotary Shaver Razors

This is an electric rotary shaving razor that is washable and rechargeable – the good news is that it has no cords or cables, and it comes with the much appreciated floating technology for a very close shave. It also has a state of the art 4D technology along with a small and compact design that make it perfect for worldwide voltage, thus being an indispensable tool for businessmen. You can get this advanced electric razor for only $89.99, and you will benefit from a high-quality and detailed trimming with a pop up trimmer. The independently flexing heads are designed to offer you a complete 360-degree shaving, quickly and effortlessly!

5. The Panasonic ES-LA63-S Mens Electric Shaver

What makes this particular mens electric shaver so special is the fact that it comes with a multi flex pivoting head, as well as with a dual motor. Also, it costs $129.99, it comes with a four blade cutting system, 14,000 CPM and it requires no more than a one hour charge that will allow you to use the device for up to 45 minutes continuously. Another notable feature is the Sonic vibration cleaning mode along with the blue LCD display. This mens electric shaver also comes with an elegant travel pouch.

4. The Philips Norelco 1280X

This is the popular Senso Touch 3D electric shaver that comes with a special Jet Clean System. Brought to you by Norelco electronics for only $211.35 on Amazon, the Philips Norelco 1280X has an advanced 3D contouring that can seamlessly adjust to every single curve of your face. Also, just like the other Norelco devices this one also comes with the appreciated Aquatec technology, while the jet clean system cleans and charges the razor quickly and effortlessly. The Ultra Track system, on the other hand, makes sure to catch and cut every single hair on your face!

3. The Panasonic ES3831K Travel Shaver

If you leave on business trips on a regular basis, then you should certainly use the Panasonic ES3831K as it will make sure that your beard is perfectly contoured – the best news is that it costs no more than $13.98. Also, this electric razor comes with a shaver and a brush, it can be easily cleaned with water, it is designed to be hypoallergenic and it has a pleasant and appealing ergonomic design that allows you to easily fold it. Moreover, it is battery operated, for extra comfort and convenience!

2. The Panasonic ES-RT51-S

This is yet another three blade Nanotech wet and dry rechargeable silver delivered by Panasonic. With an affordable price tag of only $64.28, this wet and dry electric razor comes with inner blades that are extremely sharp, it has a flexible pivoting head as well as a liquid crystal display. It also comes with a special trimmer for sideburns as well as for moustache, if you are a man who loves to take care of his beard contour.

    1. The Braun Series 790 CC Pulsonic

The supreme electric razor for men is surely the Braun Series Pulsonic Shaver System (The 7-790cc model) that is currently used by thousands of men all around the world. It can be purchased on Amazon for only $199.77, it benefits from the top-notch pulsonic technology that delivers 10,000 micro vibrations and has three different personalization modes, for a more individualized shave. The shaving system is also fully flexible and it can easily adapt to the contour of your face!