If you are a lady who likes to take good care of yourself, then you surely know that an electric razor should not miss from your personal care kit. The modern electric razors for women are very compact and lightweight, they are feature-rich, ergonomically designed and very easy to use – besides this, they are designed to prevent irritation and to provide a smooth and even shaving without too much effort or discomfort. If you have decided to buy one, then here you will find the top 10 best electric razors for women 2014:

10. The Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves

The Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves is a special ladies shaver that can be used either for dry or for wet shaving – it is fully waterproof and it also comes with a handy bikini attachment, everything for only $39.99. Also, this shaving device comes with four floating and pivoting heads that reduce skin irritation, as well as a special pop up trimmer designed for long or stray hairs. The blades are designed to be hypoallergenic, they contain no nickel whatsoever and they are covered by a thin protective foil, thus being suitable to use by those with very sensitive skin as well. The charging time for this device is of 12 hours.

9. The Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Wet And Dry Rechargeable Shaver

This rechargeable shaver for women comes in many different colors, and it is brought to you by Conair. No matter if you use it on dry or wet skin, it will deliver impeccable results for the price of only $16.72. Also, it comes with independent floating cutters and foils, it is available in two models and each recharge will last you a run time of no less than 25 minutes. Moreover, the Conair Satiny Smooth shaving device for lady also comes with two full size trimmers, designed to cut the hair to stubble length thus ensuring a smooth and easy shaving. A pop up bikini trimmer is included in the kit as well!

8. The Remington Dual Blade Trimmer

This is actually a facial trimmer for women designed by Remington and it comes with a price tag of just $22.41. It is available in a beautiful pink color and it also comes with hypoallergenic foils as well as a bikini trimmer guard and a flexible trimmer. The three cutter system is designed for a very precise shave and the batteries of the Remington Dual Blade Trimmer can be easily recharged – this shaver comes with an LED indicator that informs you when the battery were fully recharged.

7. The Panasonic ES-WD 51-P Ladies Dry And Wet Epilator

This is yet another ladies epilator provided by Panasonic for the price of only $60.51. In a nutshell, this is an advanced three in one hair removal system that comes with no less than 48 rotating tweezing disks designed to remove hair. Also, the blades are hypoallergenic and they are free of nickel, thus delivering a safe, smooth and irritation free shaving even for the sensitive skin. You can use foam or gel for a perfect epilation experience, given the fact that this Panasonic ladies dry and wet epilator is completely waterproof. It takes one hour charging time to deliver no less than 40 minutes of run time!

6. The Remington WDF4830 Rechargeable Dual Foil Shaver With Extra Aloe Vera

This is an advanced women’s shaving device from Remington that comes with an aloe vera moisturizing strip designed to calm down the shaved skin immediately after the epilation. You can buy the Remington WDF4830 from Amazon for only $39.99, it comes with a special cleaning brush as well as a bikini trimmer guard and an LED indicator that will inform you when the battery has been fully charged and the device is ready to use.

5. The Remington WSF4810DC Women’s Travel Foil Shaver

If you are a businesswoman who travels a lot or simply a woman who is passionate about seeing the world and needs a lightweight, convenient and portable shaving device, then the Remington WSF4810DC is exactly what you need. It costs only $9.99, it comes with dual trimmers and it is designed to protect your skin from cuts and nicks. It is battery operated and it has an angled head, for faster and more efficient shaving.

4. The Remington WPF-2000 Smooth And Silky Body And Bikini Kit

Like the name implies, this is a shaving kit for the body and the bikini line delivered by Remington. The Remington WPG-2000 comes with a price tag of only $19.99, it is a hypoallergenic mini shaver and it can be used for the eyebrows as well – also, it comes with an adjustable comb along with four length settings.

3. The Satiny Smooth All In One Personal Groomer For Ladies

Delivered by Conair, the Satiny Smooth Personal Groomer is basically a personal care kit for women and it comes at a discounted price of only $19.99. Rechargeable and waterproof, the Satiny Smooth can be used either for wet or dry shaving, it has a charging indicator light as well as a two year limited warranty. Besides that, it comes with a bikini trimming blade for very precise trimming, as well as an eyebrow trimmer for cosmetic touch-ups.

2. The Conair LWD1P Dual Foil Battery Shaver

This is a compact and portable battery shaver for women delivered by Conair for the price of only $13.19. It is shipped and sold by Amazin, it comes with an easy and nick-free cutting system and it also comes with a rinsable head for fast, easy and hassle free cleaning. In other words, this is a very convenient dual foil battery shaver that every lady needs to have in her purse!

1   1. The Philips HP6376 Bikini Perfect

The Bikini Perfect shaving device for ladies is surely the number one on this list – it can be purchased for no more than $29.99, and it allows you to easily shape, trim or completely remove the unwanted hairs within several minutes. This is a feature rich grooming system that works on rechargeable batteries – fully recharged batteries can deliver a run time of up to one full hour. Also, the kit comes with three highly precise attachments for the perfect bikini line, and it can be used either for wet or for dry shaving. It comes with a pen trimmer as well, for the areas that are more difficult to reach!