Everybody loves a good old massage every now and then, especially after a hard day at work – however, most of us are on a very tight schedule and we do not always have the time to go to the massage salon and get a wonderful relaxing massage. If you have tensed muscles or you are simply tired and you are looking for something to boost your energy levels, then a massage chair is by far everything you need. Here you will find the top 10 best massage chairs in 2018, along with a brief description:

10. Comfort Products Massage Recliner

This massage recliner with heat brought to you by Comfort Products has no less than 8 vibration massage motors that will thoroughly massage your calves, your mid and upper back as well as your thighs. You can easily choose the desired massage zones and the lumbar area also features a soothing heat treatment. Moreover, the chair looks as if it is upholstered with state of the art leather, it is very soft and comfortable at the same time. The Comfort Products massage recliner with heat can be all yours for only $229.99.

9. The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair By BestMassage

BestMassage is a company that specializes in high quality massage chairs, and if you are a fan of the lovely full body Shiatsu massage, then you should certainly invest in this amazing chair, especially since it comes with a discounted price of only $649.00. The chair is available in a pleasing black color, it is designed to work out your knots and to reduce muscle pain by moving up and down. It is designed to provide an effective massage effect, it will reduce stress and fatigue and it will also boost your energy level. The entire shiatsu massage system embedded in this chair relies on the two essential principles of percussion and compression, designed to improve flexibility and mobility.

8. The Shiatsu Massage Chair With Heat Stretched Foot Rest

This massage chair is somewhat similar to the one described above, especially since it is provided by the same manufacturer – BestMassage. The difference is that this advanced massage chairs uses power rollers to relax your muscles and to reduce fatigue, it has chop action tapping and flapping and it also comes with an easy to follow installation video. Moreover, the massage chair comes with a one year limited warranty as well. You can buy this massage chair for only $849.00 on Amazon, and benefit from free delivery services.

7. The 8 Motor Massage Recliner With Heat

Also provided by Comfort Products, this is yet another 8 massage motor massager with a recliner and heat function, the difference is that this one is a lot more affordable as it can be purchased for only $174.98. The vibration motors are focusing on your calves, your back as well as your thighs, and it provides a pleasant, soothing and relaxing heat treatment at the same time. Moreover, the massage chair comes with five pre-programmed massage modes, as well as three different intensity level. It has recline tension and swivel adjustments, and it simulates leather upholstery with a very solid metal frame.

6. The Comfort Vantin Delux Massage Recliner

This is another massage chair that features a heat function and 8 massage motors – however, this is truly a luxurious massage chair that will add comfort and style to your room or office. The great news is that you can buy it only for $253.47, it is constructed with a simulated leather upholstery and fire retardant foam, and it also has a very classy and pleasing wood base. It comes with recline tension adjustments, heat treatment for the lumbar area and massage for the thighs, calves and the back, just like any other chair provided by the Comfort Products manufacturer.

5. The Relaxzen 60-078011 Leisure Massage Chair

This is a leisure massage reclining chair that also comes with a heating function and a price tag of $323.70. Also, it has 8 vibration massage motors, you can independently select the desired massage zones as well as one of the nine pre-programmed random massage modes. Also, it has five different intensity levels as well as a luxurious and chick padded microsuede upholstery, for the ultimate comfort.

4. The Homelegance 9745BLK

Like the name suggests, this is a very elegant and comfortable massage chair that is brought to you by Homelegance. This is part of the Jimmy Collection massage chairs and it is basically an upholstered and power reclining massage chair that costs $587.25. Also, it has a very classy and elegant look that is complemented by the touch power mechanism. It is designed to provide a very comfortable massage to your thigh and back areas, and it also has a blue LED light at the chair comfort for extra style. Moreover, it has two convenient cup holders as well.

3. The Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair

What makes this massage chair from Panasonic so special is the fact that it has a chiro mode enabled (thus the price tag of $1,799.00). In a nutshell, the Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair has a top-notch leather upholstery with a quad-style massage system, it has the well-known Air Ottoman system, four pre-set massaging programs including the chiro mode and the shiatsu as well as a remote control designed for personalized massage. Moreover, the chair also comes with eight different manual massage operations.

2. The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair

Manufactured by Beauty Health Massage Chairs, the Forever Rest chair comes with a body scan feature as well as a built in heat system and an overall warranty of 10 years. The chair costs $1,829.00 and it is designed to provide you with the best Shiatsu massage available – it has the real humanized massage hands feature as well as six different massage functions (vibrating, knocking, flapping, kneading, rolling etc). The armrests also move and the jade heat massager feature embedded in the chair is designed to deliver infrared heat that will surely relax your muscles.

1. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

The ultimate massage chair for 2014 is by far the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, and this is understandable given the fact that it costs no less than $8,069.99. This is a very generous massage chair that covers over 1,000 square inches, it has a figure-eight motion that mimics the action of real life therapists, it will flex and extend your shoulders, your hips as well as your mid back and it has no less than 8 pre-programmed massage sequences to choose from.