If you are passionate about motorcycles and you like speed, then you should know that protection and safety comes first, and not once did it happen for a top-notch motorcycle helmet to save the life of the driver – there is no room for risk in a dangerous situation like this. Fortunately, modern motorcycle helmets have an aerodynamic design, they are very comfortable and easy to use and they come with very affordable price tags as well, so why not give them a try? Here you will find the top 10 best motorcycle helmet reviews that will surely help you make an opinion:

10. The TMS Star Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

When buying a motorcycle helmet, it is highly recommended to look for one that covers your entire face, as only this way you can get complete protection in case of accident – this type of motorcycle helmet provided by TMS is a matte black helmet with a dual visor as well as a smoke sun shield. The sun is one of the biggest enemies of motorcycle drivers, but fortunately you no longer need to worry about that while driving, with this special motorcycle helmet. In addition to this, it is made from thermoplastic and polycarbonate, for the ultimate comfort.

Its light weight coupled with the sleek and appealing design make the TMS Star Matte Full Face Motorcycle Helmet the primary choice for thousands of motorists all around the world. It has an anti-scratch visual field and it also has removable helmet liner and cheek pads – you can easily wash them when they get dirty and then put them back on. At the same time, the helmet has an advanced ventilation system that ensures the ultimate airflow, to keep your head cool during the hot summer months.

9. The GLX Modular Helmet With Sun Shield

Designed by the reputable GLX Helmets, the GLX Modular Helmet comes with a highly convenient sun shield that protects you from the sun rays. You can buy this particular motorcycle helmet for no more than $139.98, it is made from state of the art, durable and resistant thermoplastic and it has an anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield that appeals to many motorists these days. Moreover, just like any other top-notch helmet, this one also has an advanced ventilation system and it comes with a fully removable and washable liner.

8. The Modular Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

This is a special motorcycle helmet that is available in a glossy black finish and it only costs $69.95. Provided by the IV2 helmets, this is a revolutionary and innovative motorcycle helmet that is bluetooth enabled – nonetheless, the bluetooth unit must be purchased separately. Also, this motorcycle helmet comes with very well designed circulation vents, it has a one push putton for flipping up the helmet, eagle eyes design as well as an ABD and fiber reinforced composite shell that increases its resistance.

7. The Bell Mens Rogue Motorcycle Helmet

Provided by Bell, one of the most popular motorcycle equipment manufacturers in the industry, this is a Men’s rogue motorcycle helmet that costs no more than $249.95. Available in a black matte color, this motorcycle helmet has a very appealing design, it has a lightweight and durable composite shell and it also has an adjustable muzzle – besides this, the inside liner is easily removable and washable as well. The entire helmet is designed to improve the comfort of the wearer, and it is available in no less than three different sizes in terms of EPS and shells.

6. The Duke Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Manufactured by Duke Helmets, this full face motorcycle helmet is the DK-120 model and it costs $84.95 on sale on Amazon. Also, it comes with a cloth carrying bag that allows you to quickly and safely transport your motorcycle helmet, it comes with cheek pads and liner that can be easily removed and wash, it has two visors (one is tinted and one is clear) and it also meets the helmet safety standards that apply at the moment. This helmet stands out from the crowd due to its innovative and lightweight composite poly-alloy.

5. The TMS Black Carbon Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This is yet another full face motorcycle helmet brought to you by TMS at the price of only $17.00, and it is by far one of the most cost-effective motorcycle helmets of its kind available in the industry. In addition to its increased efficiency given by the durable composite shell, this particular helmet also comes with a gorgeous gloss UV protective finish and it is also heavily padded and cushioned to deliver the ultimate comfort to the wearer. Moreover, it has adjustable circulation vents as well, along with removable padding.

4. The VCAN V531 Cruiser Half Helmet

Available in a gloss black finish, the V531 cruiser half helmet provided by the VCAN manufacturer costs only $32.39, it is made from high-quality ABS thermoplastic resin and it exceeds the DOT standards that apply at the moment. The cheek pads are removable and washable, it has an adjustable double D ring and it has a chin strap as well, for more protection and comfort. Also, this cruiser half helmet is designed to fit your head size.

3. The Flat Matte Black Helmet

Also delivered by the TMS manufacturer, this is a full face motorcycle sport bike helmet that is approved by DOT, it is very convenient, comfortable and light weight, it has a glossy UV protective finish and it has a washable padding as well as adjustable circulation vents. Overall, this is a good investment for those who want a high-quality helmet without investing too much money in it.

2. The Modular Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

Provided by the IV2 manufacturer, the modular flip-up motorcycle helmet is available in a black color with a matte finish, it costs $69.95 it has durable vents that are designed to be both practical and functional, it comes with an EPS impact absorption inner liner and it is bluetooth ready as well, thus perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts who are also passionate about the latest gadgets.

1. The Gloss Black Full Face Helmet

The number one on this list in terms of motorcycle helmets is provided by IV2 again, and it has an affordable price tag of only $52.95 – if you order it from Amazon, you will benefit from free shipping as well. This is a DOT-certified IV2 full face motorcycle helmet that has a streamline design aimed at reducing the wind noise, and it also comes with properly designed circulation vents and two different types of visors – one of them is smoked or tinted while the other one is completely clear.