The iPod is the world most loved mp3 player. Even if today, all smart handhelds and smartphones can play audio files, the iPod still sells and very few would give up on their mp3 player. It is so popular that an entire industry of accessories has developed around this device. Amongst the most useful gadgets for the iPod, the portable speakers are the most useful ones. They can turn the mp3 player into a portable sound system that can be used anywhere, providing music to everyone around it. However, not all of them are worth spending money one but to make things simple, here is a compiled list of the top 10 best portable iPod Speakers 2014.

10. EWA Mini Lightweight Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The EWA might not be the best option out there but it is one of the more affordable ones. For a sub $40 wireless speaker it surely packs a punch. It is not only compatible with all iPod versions but with all devices that have a Bluetooth connection. The speaker has a slick cylindrical design and offers multiple connectivity options which is a great plus since Bluetooth can experience playback interruptions due to signal interferences. With a simple AUX Line-in cable, the speaker can be connected to the iPod’s hearphone jack. The speaker comes in 4 different colors and offers a total of 5 hours of playback.

9. Sony ICFC11IP Lightning iPhone/iPod Clock Radio Speaker Dock

Sony products are far from being affordable. In some cases it feels like the customer has to pay extra just because they have Sony written over them but they do deliver high quality products that are rarely matched by the competition. The iPod dock they recently released offer a wide range of features such as an FM radio, clock and the ability to use it as a battery powered speaker that give it mobility. It is easy to use, has a really attractive design and reliable batteries. The only downside to this product is the price.

8. Grandmax Tweakers Mini-Boom Speakers

The Grandmax Tweakers come with a certain nostalgia feeling as they do look similar to the X-minis which amazed the gadget enthusiasts several years ago. This particular battery powered sound system comes in a two speaker stereo system. They were built to be small, light and simply ideal for traveling. The battery last quite some time, offering over 5 hours of playback. The ones that do not like them in black can also find them in metallic red or silver.

7. GOgroove SonaVERSE BX Portable Stereo Speaker

The GOgroove is a decent looking device. Shaped like a cube, the SonaVERSE offers stereo playback trough its side mounted speakers. The front has been packed with all the controls needed to use it with an iPod. Connectivity is provided through a 3.5 mm jack audio connection. Playback time has been specified to last around 3 to 5 hours per charge depending on the listening volume. It is not the most compact model but its sound quality justifies its size.

6. iHome iP46 Portable 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

iHome iP46 is a decent pick for the ones that want a bit of mobility. It is an excellent choice for travelers and the ones that want to have a portable system when camping or just going outdoors. It has a sleek design with two speakers positioned on the sides and a central retractable dock that is compatible with almost any Apple device. It even comes with an additional auxiliary input to enable the connection of an external music source.

5. Cyber Acoustics 30-Pin iPod Speaker Dock

The Cyber Acoustics dock has one great thing going for it and that is value for money. For its price tag it delivers premium playback quality even when on batteries. The best part is that the batteries used by this device are standard AA which means that if they run out when far away from a charging source, they can be changed easily. It comes in a glossy black color that might attract fingerprints but it has a great exterior design that will make up for it. Audio playback when on batteries is variable depending on the batteries but to make it more convenient, rechargeable ones would be recommended.

4. GOgroove BlueSYNC OR3 Rechargeable Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless Speaker

GOgroove seems to have a habit of developing products with interesting designs. This ball shaped speaker is able to pack a hard punch with its deep bass and high fidelity. Despite its compact size and light weight, the speaker comes with a powerful internal battery that gives it up to 16 hours of continuous playback. Connectivity to iPod is done trough Bluetooth, removing the annoying audio cables. Despite its low price, BlueSYNC is a premium product and it is one of the few devices that can deliver such long playback times on a single charge.

3. JBL Charge Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Despite being one of the best portable speakers in terms of sound fidelity and quality of build, the JBL fails to move up the leader board due to its high price. If the price would have been lower it would have taken the number one spot. Unfortunately that is not the case and the portable speakers remain the best choice only for the ones that are willing to spend a little extra. It offers 12 hours of playback and delivers a deep bass with high sound fidelity.

2. Planet Audio PA100B Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Planet Audio managed to build a simple yet impressive device. It has a simple and compact design that just looks good and if the standard Bluetooth connection is not good enough due to interferences, the manufacturers added the option to connect an iPod directly via an audio cable that is included in the packages. It is convenient, affordable and offers high quality playback.

1. EasyAcc 2nd Gen Olive Bluetooth Speaker

The Gen Olive speaker is a unique device. Its design gives a futuristic look. The manufacturers made it small enough to be easy to carry around in a backpack when traveling and with the aid of its high capacity battery, it can offer up to 8 hours of continuous playback. Looking at all its features and build quality, the price of the device makes it the best portable speaker for an iPod.