Women have to purchase the right pair of shoes, when you go to buy your next new pair of running shoes; it does not matter if you like the name brand, or if you like the design, you have to buy a shoe that is going to provide the balance and protection for your feet, each time you go out for a run in the new shoes. So, when buying a pair of shoes, you will find that these are some of the top shoes for women in 2018 reviews to choose from, all of which will provide the support, and quality design, so you will have them for quite some time.

10. Pace Glove Barefoot Merrel

Synthetic sole and breathable rubber, fuse rubber, and omni lacing style, are just some of the features you will like with these shoes. Vibram design also will keep your feet in place, and will provide that traction that you want, no matter what surface or where you go out for a longer distance run.

9. Vapor glove Merrel barefoot

0 mm differential from heel to toe, ensures the most even running base, no matter where you go out for your run. A stack heel at 5 mm, also provides the even base, and higher step, each time that you take your heel to toe step during the run. Breathable mesh and a Vibram sole, are some of the distinctive features this shoe is going to provide.

8. WT1210 New Balance

A medial post, thicker insole, and 0 mm differential from toe to heel, are the features this new sneaker is going to provide for you.. The thicker out sole also ensures nothing will get stuck in the base, even if you go out for a run on uneven terrains or on rocky soils, meaning you do not have to worry about the injuries.

7. Mizuno wave creation

AP+ design, ensures a bouncier stride, and will keep the feet in place, meaning it is less likely you will be rolling an ankle on longer run distances. Reduced movement, and locking features, keep your stride even and feet in place, so you are going to have a more comfortable run as well, each time you go out for one.

6. Aasics Gel Kinsei

The synthetic mesh and the rubber outsole, and guidance system for less impact, will ensure your feet will not go where they should not go when running. A clutch system also keeps your foot in place, so that you will not have to worry your feet coming out of the base, and will provide a smoother landing, each of the strides you take in these shoes.

5. K Swiss Tube 100

1.5 mm heel, and textile rubber outsole, will help you control your strides, and help you keep on track, no matter where it is you are running. A bouncier strides, on all surfaces, is also something that this sneaker is going to provide to the runner, so it makes it easier for you to do your run either on an indoor track, or any outdoor locations that you want to go out and run.

4. K Swiss Tubesrun

A 1.5” heel, stay lace design, and upper mesh design, allows your foot to stay in place, avoids the laces coming loose, and will help your feet breath, so not too much sweat build up when running. The lace system which will keep your feet locked into place, but are not too tight, which can avoid the injuries that come along with running so often.

3. Aasics Gel Kaino 19

The impact guidance system will keep the feet where they should be, so they will not wander, and cause injuries when you go out for your run. An even base also allows for even steps, and even strides, meaning less worries you are rolling your ankle, when running, even if running on the uneven surfaces. Upper mesh and a synthetic sole also help with your comfort, especially if worn during a longer run.

2. Aasics Gel Noosa Tri 8

Duomax support, and perforated sock liner, will help your feet do remain in place, and will also avoid the sweat build up that tends to occur, in a shoe that is not designed for running. AHAR outsole also ensures more comfort, stability, and more traction, so that your not worried about slipping, or less grip, especially when you go for runs outdoors, longer distances, or on surfaces that are not even.

1. Merrell run bare

They Vibram sole is a synthetic material, and outer design that is created for any season, you can run anywhere, and you can run any time that you choose. Uniform toe heel cushioning, also ensures that with each stride you are going to take, you are going to be landing on an even surface, as the shoe is designed in a streamlined fashion. It also keeps the feet from going to stay in place, which is going to help to improve traction, improve your stride, and it will also help you to avoid the injuries that are commonly associated with running.

No matter where you run, what weather conditions you are in, what season or time of the year you run, or what distance you want to go out for a run, these are all great options for women to consider, when you are looking for your new sneakers to take out for your next run. Not only are they trusted brand names, but the latest designs and technologies, also ensures you are going to be protected when you do go out for a run. And, with distinct styles, you will find the shoe that is going to look great, when you decide to wear it out for a run. So, whether you are more of an in or outdoor runner, these shoes are great for both, and the stability and traction design, will also help the runner properly place and keep the feet in their place, which will also help to avoid the injuries that come along with running, on any surface that you like to run on.