Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most appreciate sports, and no matter if you are an amateur or a professional who makes a living our of playing or teaching tennis, it is essential to invest in the best tennis racquet out there. It may sound simple at first sight, but there is actually an entire philosophy behind choosing the most suitable tennis racquet for you. If you do not know how to do that, the following top 10 best tennis racquets reviews will surely come in handy for you:

10. Head Ti S5 Comfort Tennis Racquet

If you are looking for an advanced technology tennis racquet that will improve your comfort and grip, then the Head Ti S5 racquet provided by HEAD is surely what you need – it comes with an affordable price tag of only $69.95 on Amazon and it is perfect mainly for beginners and intermediate players. The Comfort Zone technology embedded in this tennis racquet will surely help you develop your tennis skills and give you more control over this sport – the unique combination of materials is designed to reduce the bothersome vibration of the strings by up to one quarter.

9. The Head Liquidmetal Prestrung Tennis Racquet

HEAD is a world renowned manufacturer of high-quality, professional tennis racquets, as you may have already noticed. Also, the 8 prestrung tennis racquets delivered by this manufacturer come with a price of $84.95, they have an outstanding total sweetspot construction for maximum control over the racquet, they have a damping system that is especially created to minimize the vibration of the tennis racquet with more than a quarter and it also has a unique string pattern. Overall, the Head Liquidmetal 8 prestrung racquet for tennis is definitely a great long-term investment!

8. The 4 Prestrung Tennis Racquet By Head

This is a slightly different type of racquet, not just in terms of design but also in terms of features and functions – with a price tag of only $74.95, the 4 prestrung tennis racquets by Head have a grip size of four and a half inches, and they are created to use all the energy generated by your swing. The liquid atomic structure of the racquet is what makes it so special and so appreciated these days, and it is especially aimed at players who have a moderate swing style. The special construction of the sweetspot aims to deliver you more stability as well!

7. The Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racket

Provided by Wilson, one of the most appreciated manufacturers of tennis equipments in the world, the Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Racket costs only $29.99 and it features an innovative frame technology designed to deliver extra stability and power. Also, the special power bridge aims to increase power, while the stop shock pads embedded in the racquet aim to reduce the vibration of the strings and the racket, thus delivering you more control over the product.

6. The Prince O3 Prestrung Tennis Racquet

Manufactured by prince Sports and sold on Amazon for only $79.95, the Prince O3 Red Prestrung Tennis Racquet comes with a very convenient and stylish cover that allows you to carry it around with you effortlessly, and it is an all-around raquet that adds to the player’s playability and control. Also, this is by far one of the most versatile tennis racquets available, as it can be used not just by beginners but also by advanced tennis player. It weighs less than 10 ounces and this surely makes it very lightweight and perfect for reducing the annoying hand fatigue!

5. The Head Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti-S6 tennis racquet is slightly more advanced than the S5 model detailed about, and it is sold by HEAD on Amazon for only $79.95. Also, it has a head size of 115 square inches, a bean of 28.5 mm and a special string pattern – overall, this particular racquet is extra long yet it weighs no more than 8 ounces, which is extremely lightweight for a racquet with all these features.

4. The Prince O3 OS Prestrung Racquet

Also developed by Prince Sports, the O3 Silver OS Prestrung tennis racquet comes with a price of $89.95, it gets shipped by Amazon as prestrung and it comes with a cover as well. What made it so popular the moment it was launched on the market is that it had the biggest and most powerful sweetspot in the entire tennis industry, and this is what brought it numerous awards. Also, it weighs little over 8 ounces.

3. The Wilson Six One Strung Recreational Tennis Racket

Like the name implies, this is a rather recreational tennis racket created by Wilson and it features a special and innovative QuadriForm Technology that increases both the control and the stability of the player. Also, what makes the Wilson Six One Strung tennis racket so lightweight is the fact that it is made from fused graphite – it also comes with a cushion tech grip as well as a vibration dampener shock absorber that improves comfort.

2. The Wilson Zero Strung Performance Tennis Racket

The price of this particular tennis racket ranges between $103.75 an $119.00, and is is considered the lightest and easiest to handle K-factor tennis racket at the moment. It delivers maximum power and control, along with increased stability and maneuverability. Moreover, it has a string pattern of 16 X 19 and it weighs little over 9 ounces – this tennis racquet is aimed at those who want to boost their comfort as well as their power during the games.

1. The Head You Tek IG Radical S Racquet

The number one tennis racquet on the list is also provided by HEAD and it comes with a price of $179.95 on Amazon, along with free shipping. It is made from an advanced, D3O material which is basically a dilatant foam that completely changes the way the tennis racquet behaves in the field. This racquet features increased stability and improved shock absorption, given the fact that the shock related to ball impact is reduced by up to 17%. The racket weighs less than 10 ounces, it has the standard length and the classic string pattern of 16 X 19. Overall, it is surely a great choice!