No matter if you are a professional weight lifter or just an athlete who loves to play with weights, you certainly know how important it is to opt for the most suitable weightlifting gloves for your needs, as only these gloves can deliver you the grip you need to enjoy a safe and efficient training session. There are thousands of models of different weightlifting gloves on the market, but only some of them stand out from the rest. Here you can find the top 10 best weightlifting gloves in 2018 reviews:

10. The Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro Gloves

These are professional weight lifting gloves for men, manufactured and sold by Harbinger on Amazon for a price that ranges between $13,78 and $17,79 per glove. These weight lifting gloves come with an adjustable wrist closure designed to provide you with the most comfortable fit, and the gloves are made from a special stretch ventilator mesh that allows both your fingers and your hands to bend naturally while keeping them cool at the same time. Moreover, the Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro Gloves are made of abrasion resistant leather on the palm that maximizes the glove wear, they have short finger length to reduce all the unwanted bulk and they also come with wrap-around thumb protection cushions and covers, to protect you against the abrasions.

9. The Valeo Performance Wrist Gloves

Made and sold by Valeo, the Valeo performance wrap gloves come with a price of $14,81 on Amazon, they are manufactured of suede and mesh and they come with a special wrist wrap that stabilizes your wrist during the weight lifting process. Moreover, the Valeo performance wrap gloves are made of high quality and long lasting sueded leather, they come with contoured palm padding for extra grip, they have a hook and loop closure and they also come with an ergonomic design that adds to your dexterity and freedom of movement.

8. The Reebok Men’s Fitness Gloves

As the name suggests, this is a pair of high-quality fitness and weight lifting gloves made and sold by Reebok for a price that ranges between $9,99 and $12,99. The gloves come with padded palms, they are manufactured of a top notch breathable mesh fabric and they are available in three sizes ranging anywhere from medium to large and extra large. At the same time, the Reebok Men’s fitness gloves are designed to offer control, comfort as well as a much improved grip for all types of weight training.

7. The GoFit Weightlifting Gloves

Made and sold by GoFit on Amazon, these are weightlifting gloves that are sold for a price between $14,99 and $16,99 on Amazon, they are available in two different colors (black and gray) and they stand out from the rest of the weight training gloves through the diamond tac gripping pattern that is designed to reduce the chance for hand fatigue while increasing the grip strength at the same time. The ergonomically cut palm pad provides extra comfort and protection, while the rubberized reinforced canvas adds more gripping power. The nuckle panel is made of neoprene for increased flexibility, while the reinforced stitching on the fingers and the anatomically cut double layer palm makes it a lot easier to get the best out of your weight lifting gloves.

6. The Valeo GMLS Meshback Lifting Gloves

Made by Valeo, the GMLS meshback lifting gloves are priced between $2,99 and $40,88, they are made from high quality and genuine leather, they come with padded palms as well as cotton mesh backs. Moreover, the soft terry lining and the hook and loop closure tabs also add to the usability of these gloves, while the special terry lining is designed to boost both the comfort and the durability of these weightlifting gloves. In addition, the die cut is designed to ensure top notch quality and a comfortable fit as well.

5. The Harbinger 149 Women’s Pro Weight Lifting Gloves

These are state of the art, professional wash and dry weight lifting gloves made and sold by Harbinger on Amazon, for a price that ranges between $14,99 and $17,79. The gloves are available in two colors, pink and black, and they are 100% machine washable and dryable. Moreover, these weight lifting gloves feature a velcro closure design, they have a ventilator mesh that allows hand and fingers to bend naturally while keeping them cool and they are also made from abrasion resistant leather located on the palm. At the same time, just like the model for men, this one also has short finger length that aims to reduce the overall amount of bulk.

4. The Harbinger 155 Power Glove

This power glove made by Harbinger comes in a black color, it has an outstanding peformance and an economical design, while the stretch back lycra material aims to increase the flexibility, the fit and the comfort of the glove. At the same time, the foam backing is designed to protect the hands from all the abrasions and cuts that are typically associated with weight lifting. The weight lifting gloves are also double stitched entirely, and this aims to add even more to their abrasion resistance and to their superior durability.

3. The Weightlifting Gloves For Gym Fitness Bodybuilding

Available for a price of just $65,97, these weight lifting gloves are especially designed for gym fitness bodybuilding and they are constructed of genuine soft leather. They have an unbeatable grip enhancement system coupled with superior and durable stitching. The four way stretch material is also designed to offer multi-directional stretching and comfort, and the gloves are also strategically padded to reduce the overall amount of pressure. The buil-in wrist support, on the other hand, adds extra protection to your wrist throughout the heavy weight exercises.

2. The GoFit Women’s Cross Training Gloves

Made by GoFit, these are cross training and weight lifting gloves that come with a synthetic leather palm and a price tag that ranges between $12,99 and $13,97 on Amazon. The ergonomic padded palm comes with a variety of pressure points designed to lessen the hand fatigue and to boost the grip at the same time, while the thermal regulating mech back helps your hand feel comfortable on every level. At the same time, the pull loops makes it a lot easier for you to enjoy the glove even throughout the most demanding type of workout.

1. The Valeo Ocelot WristLifting Gloves

The number one on the list is certainly the ocelot wrist lifting gloves made by Valeo and sold on Amazon for a price between $11,95 and $98,03. These gloves come with slow recovery ergo foam padding for a superior custom grip, and the wrist wrap also stabilizes the wrist throughout the entire weight lifting process. The gloves can be easily machine washed and dried, they are durable and made of full grain leather.