If you have one or two laptops and you are looking for the ultimate comfort and portability in the privacy of your own home, then you surely know that wireless routers are essential. In a nutshell, a wireless router is a small, lightweight and portable device that is connected to the Internet cable and it is designed to emit wireless Internet. Nowadays, the modern routers can easily cover up to 50 square meters or even more, depending on their intensity. If you have decided to invest in a router, here you will find the top 10 best wireless routers in 2018 reviews:

10. The Medialink Wireless Broadband Router

This is one of the most advanced wireless routers on the market, as it comes with 300 MBpS internal antennas, and it is compatible not only with the latest Windows operating systems, but also with Linux and Mac operating systems. For only $69.99, you can get the Medialink Wireless broadband router that is perfect for residential use or for small offices – suitable for streaming Youtube videos, checking and sending e-mails, transferring files as well as chatting on Skype. This is an advanced, professionally looking and elegant router that provides smooth performance in terms of video, voice and music – besides this, it is fully compatible with firewall and different encryption methods to protect you against the malicious attacks that become increasingly more frequent nowadays.

9. The Linksys E1200 Wireless N300 Router

This is a slightly more affordable router, as it can be purchased for only $44.70 and it is perfect for home use, especially if you want to print documents wirelessly. You can easily connect it to your smart phone devices, to your personal computers and laptops, wireless printers, tablets and such, given the fact that the Linksys E1200 has a maximum Internet transfer rate of 300 MPpS. It also comes with an embedded MIMO antenna technology and you can use no less than four Fast Ethernet ports for directly wired devices Moreover, the security settings are fully customizable and this wireless Internet router is fully compatible with SPI firewall protection software.

8. The Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Broadband Router

Provided to you by Cisco manufacturer, the WRT54 GL is a wireless broadband router that comes with a price tag of $47.99 and it is suitable for Linux-based Internet routers. This wireless router device has four embedded ports, 4 Fast Ethernet ports for wired devices, computers and laptops and all the wireless signals are protected by the WPA2 encryption. Also, the Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL comes with a strong and reliable SPI firewall protection.

7. The Netgear RangeMax WNR1000

This is an advanced wireless router delivered by Netgear for no more than $36.89, and it is designed to be better than the classic Wireless-G routers. It delivers extra performance and it is suitable for Internet phone calls, for online games and movie watching as well as for streaming music videos and other types of videos online. Also, it has a simple, straightforward and convenient “Push And Connect” system that allows you to connect devices solely with the push of a button, and its setup is CD-less.

6. The Asus RT-N66U Wireless N-900 GB Router

Designed by Asus, the RT-N66U is undoubtedly one of the most wanted wireless routers on the market, and its high price ($148.16) is justified by the wealth of features that come with this particular wireless router. Also, it comes with three detachable antennas, VPN server support, HDD sharing features along with two USB 2.0 ports for supporting printer sharing or anything similar. Also, the Asus RT-N66U comes with a Ipv6 support feature as well.

5. The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

The AC1900 wireless GB router by NetGear has a price tag of $199.00 that has a 600 + 1300 MBpS spoeed and it has a one GHz Dual Core Processor. At the same time, the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 is designed to improve both the range and the performance, while the high power antennas and amplifiers aim to extend your wireless range. This is by far the best choice in terms of wireless routers if you are looking for a lag-free gaming experience. At the same time, another notable feature is the free automatic backup software, that will automatically update the software of the router without you bothering to do anything. Last, but not least, it also has a prioritized bandwidth aimed at streaming both music and videos.

4. The Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless Router

The Cisco Linksys E900 has 4 port switches, and this wireless router only costs $17.97. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it has an expanded wireless coverage, it supports both the advanced SPI firewall and a wireless encryption system of up to 128 bits. Also, it requires no crossover cables whatsoever.

3. The Asus RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless Router

This wireless router offered by Asus costs $190.35, it comes with one Gigabit WAN port, it has VPN server and Ipv6 support as well as two USB 2.0 ports designed for HDD sharing or for printer sharing, depending on your needs.

2. The Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Smart Wireless Router

The most important feature of this smart wireless band is the simultaneous dual band that allows you to get speeds of up to 600 MBpS and 1300 MBpS. Also, it has no less than three external antennas that can be easily adjusted for maximum range, it comes with the advanced Linksys Smart wireless feature, parental control as well as application-enabled networking. It has two USB ports (a 3.0 and a 2.0 port) designed for sharing, printing as well as storing content.

1. The Loftek Multi-Functional Three-In-One Wireless Router

Like the name implies, this is a three in one wireless router designed by Loftek, and it comes with a price of no more than $39.99. Available in an elegant black color, this wireless router is very powerful, compact and portable, and it is suitable especially for residential use although it is surely a great investment for those who are always on the go and who need a quality router to take with them. If you want to get high-quality, uninterrupted wireless networking with you wherever you go, then the Loftek Multi-Functional 3-in-1 wireless router is surely what you need, especially since it has an embedded 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. Also, it supports wireless file storage as well.