Your hands, despite being exposed to sunlight and environmental pollutants more often than other body parts, are often the least cared for part of our skin. It’s because of this that the skin on the hands tends to dry out and seems to age faster than the skin in other areas of the body. In order to care for your hands and undo some of the damage, it’s essential to treat them to the best hand lotions you can find.

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How We Reviewed

In order to ensure that you get to make an informed decision, we searched through several websites and user reviews to pick out the ten best hand lotions from among a multitude of options. Once we zeroed in on the top ten, we reviewed them by taking into consideration several parameters, like their primary features, their pros and cons, and their price range.

Overall Price Range of Hand Lotions

The overall price range of the best hand lotions tends to vary greatly, depending on the brand, the quantity of lotion present in a pack, and the flavor of the cream. However, on an average, the price range is from around $10 to $15 for a 3-ounce pack. Of course, you can get more affordable options that cost as low as $5. These creams may be good, but they may not offer long-lasting results. On the other hand, you can also find pricier hand lotions that cost around $20 for 3 ounces. These creams may be gentler on your skin and may offer more evident results.

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 ounce Jar
  • O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked...
  • Creates a protective layer on the skin's surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and helps prevent further...
  • Makes a difference you will feel within days

With a formulation that heals and relieves dry and cracked hands, this hand cream from O’Keeffe’s is also safe for people with diabetes. It moisturizes the skin and forms a protective layer over it, thus preventing further damage. Additionally, it comes in packs of varying units, right from 2 to 12, making it more affordable as the number of jars per pack increases.


  • Doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy after application
  • A little bit cream goes a long way
  • Easily absorbs into the skin and improves the overall elasticity of the skin cells


  • The cream doesn’t come with any lingering pleasant scent like most hand lotions do
  • The jar contains a relatively small amount of the cream

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer, 3 fl. oz.
  • Industrial strength hand healer helps heal and soothe dry, chapped, cracked hands
  • Road-tested by golfers, carpenters and chefs, this hard-working hand cream repairs tough, calloused skin
  • Long lasting moisture, absorbs quickly

Fortified with vitamins A and E and developed specifically for dry, chapped, or cracked hands, this hand healer boasts a rich and non-greasy formula. Among its ingredients is the macadamia nut, which softens and moisturizes the skin, and eucalyptus, which is known for its antibacterial and healing properties.


  • Does not leave any greasy film on the hands after application
  • Cream absorbs into the skin quickly and gets to work almost instantly when applied
  • Also heals cracked skin and cuts effectively


  • The medicated smell may not be what most users expect from a hand lotion
  • The product doesn’t wash off as easily as some other lotions do

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Creme, 2.7 Ounce
  • Dermatologist recommended brand
  • Repairs and gently exfoliates dry, rough skin on the hands and fingers
  • Noticeably smoother hands after just one use

With a non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula that repairs dry skin, gently exfoliates sensitive skin, and softens rough areas, this advanced repair hand crème from Eucerin is also a product recommended by dermatologists. The cream is particularly effective at alleviating dryness caused by eczema.


  • Package is small and compact
  • Particularly useful for skin that has become dry and damaged due to cold climates
  • Comes with a formulation that only has a slight scent


  • This cream may need to be reapplied often on some skin types
  • Skin may continue to feel sticky for quite a while after application

Aveeno Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Hand Cream For Dry Skin,...
  • 2.7-ounce tube of hand cream
  • Restores and strengthens dry, fragile skin
  • Fortifying southernwood extract helps fortify the skin's moisture barrier

Fortified with southernwood extracts that restore hydration to dry skin and strengthen brittle or fragile bits, this cream from Aveeno has been proven to be effective as a deep moisturizer for 24 hours. Additionally, it is recommended by dermatologists and safe to use on sensitive skin.


  • Works excellently as a night cream as well as a day cream
  • Also works as a moisturizer that can be used as a foundation to makeup
  • Isn’t greasy or sticky, and absorbs into the skin quite quickly after application


  • The cream is slightly greasier than other options
  • The scent may be a bit overwhelming for some people

Yes To Coconut Hydrate & Restore Protecting Hand & Cuticle Cream, 3...
  • This hand and cuticle saver, helps to smooth and restore dry, cracked and chapped skin.
  • Passion Fruit and Shea Butter help to soften your hands
  • Allure 2016 Best of Beauty Award Winner!

Enriched with the goodness of coconut, passion fruit, and shea butter, all of which come together to create a powerful softening agent, this hand and cuticle cream from Yes To isn’t just another ordinary beauty product. It’s the winner of the Allure 2016 Best of Beauty award, and its non-greasy, moisturizing, and protective formula is a testimony to how well-deserved the win was.


  • Delivers noticeable results after just a few uses
  • Causes no irritation or redness even when used on sensitive skin
  • More affordable than several other options listed online


  • The coconut-ty fragrance may not appeal to you if you don’t like the smell of coconuts
  • Takes a lot of rubbing to spread the cream smoothly and evenly

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Cream, Signature Camille, 1.35...
  • Unique restorative cream moisturizes and nourishes through a blend of glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera, almond oil and...
  • Camille Beckman's signature cashmere powdered floral scent with notes of iris and pink carnations
  • Provides a protective barrier against harsh conditions

This exquisite hand therapy cream from Camille Beckman is enriched with a well-thought-out blend of glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera, almond oil, and botanical extracts. The blend is scented with the brand’s signature fragrance of cashmere powdered floral tones, with a hint of pink carnations and iris.


  • Thick texture that blends well and is easily absorbed into the skin
  • The consistency and the formulation have remained unchanged over the past two decades or more
  • Small and compact tube is easy to carry along in your purse


  • Pricier than most other options available online
  • The quantity of cream in the tube is relatively low

Burt's Bees Ultimate Care Hand Cream - 3.2 Ounce Tube
  • HAND CREAM: Give your hands the break they deserve with this rich, naturally moisturizing Burt's Bees Hand Cream that...
  • MOISTURIZER CREAM: This lotion for dry skin not only moisturizers, but it gently exfoliates with a natural Fruit Acid...
  • NATURAL LOTION: Baobab Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Pumpkin Oil and Green Tea extract shield rough, hard-working skin in...

Fortified with a natural fruit acid complex that not only hydrates the skin but also exfoliates it, this hand cream from Burt’s Bees is tested and approved by dermatologists. Its hypoallergenic formulation includes natural ingredients like baobab oil, watermelon seed oil, pumpkin oil, and green tea extracts.


  • Locks in the moisture and hydrates the skin
  • Works efficiently as a night cream and leaves your hands feeling visibly softer in the morning
  • Made without parabens and phthalates


  • Unscented formulation may not be preferred by users who are looking for a scented product
  • May leave a greasy film that isn’t easily absorbed by certain skin types

L'Occitane Fast-Absorbing 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream, 1 oz.
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Give smooth and soft skin
  • Paraben free formula

This balm from L’Occitane is developed using a mix of moisturizing and skin-friendly ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, almond extracts, and honey. The product is extremely gentle on sensitive skin and can be applied as frequently as you wish to use it, with no adverse effects.


  • Mild formulation does not cause any irritation or burning sensation on cracked areas of the skin
  • The scent isn’t overwhelming and is just right if you prefer a mild fragrance
  • Does not leave your hands feeling greasy or oily after application


  • Emptying the metal tube till you get all the cream out may be quite challenging
  • The cream is pricier than most other options available online

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Hand Cream Formulated with...
  • 2-ounce tube of fragrance-free Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream works to hydrate and moisturize hands, delivering...
  • This hand moisturizing cream is dermatologist-recommended and features a unique formula with concentrated levels of...
  • Specially formulated for dry skin, the unique Norwegian formula of our rough hand cream is fragrance-free and clinically...

Developed by dermatologists and equipped with a formulation that locks in the moisture for up to 24 hours straight, this hand cream from Neutrogena is effective at healing cracked and dry skin. It’s also a good night cream that can be applied to the feet as well as the hands.


  • Not too greasy and is absorbed fairly quickly
  • Doesn’t burn or irritate chapped skin
  • Comes in a multi-pack


  • The individual pack is too small when compared with hand lotions from other brands
  • The scent may not be preferred by some users

Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream 120ml/4oz
  • Occasion: Day,Night
  • Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream 120ml/4oz: 100% authentic, new and unused item. Packaging may vary from...
  • Type: Cream

A blend of shea butter and natural oils gives this hand and cuticle cream the potency to transform dry and damaged skin on the hands. The cream provides long-lasting moisture and protects the hands and cuticles from further damage.


  • Leaves dry and cracked hands feeling soft and smooth
  • Isn’t greasy or oily when applied on the hands
  • A little bit of the lotion goes a long way and spreads over a vast area


  • May feel a bit waxy when applied
  • Takes a while to show results

The Verdict

Taking into consideration several factors like the effectiveness of the product, the quality of its ingredients, the ease of use, and the time taken to deliver results, it’s evident that the hand cream from O’Keeffe’s is the best hand lotion among the ten products we’ve selected. The hand cream from Neutrogena follows as a close second and is particularly ideal for people with eczema. Alternatively, if your budget is a little flexible, you can opt for the hand therapy cream from Camille Beckman. It may be a tad expensive, but it transforms the skin on your hands and makes it softer and more elegant.