Got a guy friend who’s celebrating his birthday soon? Whether you have a dad, brother, male cousin or guy friend who will be having his birthday in a few days, choosing the perfect present to give may be a major challenge for you, So, to help you select the right gift to give, you may want to check out these brilliant gift ideas that guys will love.

10. Audio equipment

Every guy is crazy about music, so you should consider giving that special person in your life a piece of audio equipment such as a headphone or something similar to this gift item. Audiophiles will go insane about having a stunning gadget that will allow them to listen to their favorite music with the finest audio quality as possible. So, invest a bit on this product, and you will realize how much it will pay off when the recipient appreciates this item upon receiving it.

9. Magazine subscription

Men have varied interests such as cars, sports, fishing, the outdoors, and gadgets. So, if you know someone who has a wide range of interests and hobbies, choosing just one gift to give may be a major challenge. So, to make it simpler for you, it may help if you give something that covers every single interest that he has. For instance, a magazine subscription is a practical gift idea because it allows the recipient to flip through the pages of an interesting reading material that features fascinating details and stories about his interests. Moreover, a subscription that lasts for a year will give the person a chance to enjoy using the gift for a number of months. Thus, this makes a practical gift that your loved one will surely be thankful for.

8. Shaving kit

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Hygiene and looking great are among the two most important things in life that men need to instill in themselves. In fact, several men are conscious about their appearance, as they want to look amazing and attractive to the people they meet. You can cater to this secret wish of that guy friend of yours by giving him a shaving or grooming kit that he can bring whenever he wants. It should be handy and lightweight enough, so there is no hassle in bringing it along with him or putting it inside his purse. What’s more, the kit should contain key pieces that are easy to use and maintain.

7. Gift card

Barely have enough time to go shopping for the perfect present to give your loved one? If so, then a gift card will solve your concerns. This is a practical and convenient kind of gift that the recipient will appreciate since it allows him to choose for himself the right item he needs. You can find several retail shops that offer gift cards with varying amounts, and all you need to do is to choose one that is accepted in a specific department store or boutique where your loved one frequently shops. This way, he can buy the things he wants before the card’s validity ends.

6. Gaming console

Boys will always be boys, and this means they will always be crazy about their games no matter what their age. So, if you have a friend or a male family member who is going to celebrate his big day soon, then you might want to be gallant enough to give an exciting gaming console that will feed his obsession with games. You may opt for a portable console or something that is handy enough when you are on a budget. This gift item will surely be very much appreciated since almost any guy in this world is crazy about gaming.

5. Camera

Guys are visual creatures who have an eye for what’s beautiful and special. Thus, it is not a big surprise that several men are into photography since it allows them to feed their fascination for capturing lovely images. If you are willing to splurge, a stunning DSLR camera is always your best bet when you want to give an excellent photography equipment for him. However, if you find yourself not certain about spending a massive amount on a gift, then a point-and-shoot digital camera is a good choice, as well when it comes to an outstanding gift item for him.

4. Gym bag

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If he is fond of working out, then you should consider giving him a spacious and stylish gym bag that he can bring during his workout sessions. You should look for a design that he is likely to appreciate, which you can determine by analyzing his unique sense of style in bags and apparel. To complete this gift item, you may want to include a sports bottle or towel, which are equally important for any guy who’s a regular in the gym. He will surely appreciate this gift item that is quite functional and relevant to his needs.

3. Workout clothes

Aside from a gym bag, workout clothes are essential items to give guys who enjoy active sports or workouts at the gym. For this type of gift item, you need to be very sure about the size of the shirt or shorts to give the person since apparel that barely fits the recipient is basically useless. The right fit is very important so double-check the size and make sure it will suit the recipient perfectly.

2. TV

If you have the budget for it, a TV is an outstanding birthday gift idea for him. It gives him that amazing time to unwind and just enjoy his favorite shows when he feels the need to kill time and just sit around on a lazy weekend.

1. Recliner

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Make him feel completely relaxed and comfy with a recliner. This amazing seat will give him the kind of relaxation he wants as he watches TV, read a good book, or just take a quick nap. To make it even better, look for a recliner that comes in a color that he loves. It should also come with a lush material that would add to the overall appeal of the chair.