One of the best ways to care for your iPhone is by using the right case that can prevent it from dents and scratches. Aside from the superb protection that an iPhone case provides, it also adds to the distinct look of your gadget. You can also choose from a particular style or color that you prefer, which customizes your iPhone and make it stand above the rest. For some ideas on the best case for your needs, here is a roundup of the top 10 iPhone 5 cases that you will surely love.

10. Otterbox Defender


If you look for something classic and not so much on flashy design, then this iPhone case is the perfect choice for you. Although it does not exude any distinct charm, you can be sure that your phone is protected because of its indestructible quality. This case also comes with rubber plugs that cover main slots of your phone such as the volume controls, headphone jack and charging port. The holster also serves as a kickstand if you want to use your device for viewing pictures or videos.

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9. S5 Glide Case by Elago


This slide-on and ultra slim iPhone 5 case is available in a wide range of colors. You can also change the top or bottom piece to make it appear as a two-tone version. What’s more, this glide case has a special coating that reduces the possibility of having dirt, oil or scratches stuck on your phone. With the superb functionality and easy access to all ports and buttons on your phone, this product is indeed a must-have for those who prefer an inexpensive yet quality iPhone case.

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8. Spigen Slim Case


Perhaps you are not fond of using a phone case because you prefer the slim appeal of your handheld device. If so, then the Ultra Thin Air iPhone case by Spigen makes a fine option for you. With its barely-there appeal and optimum protection, this case definitely fits your standards. It comes with a polycarbonate hard case material that offers outstanding protection and shock absorption on all sides of your phone. Its midsection also features a matte finish special coating design, which enhances your grip with the softest touch. For choosy iPhone 5 owners, this product is indeed a great pick.

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7. Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case


This case makes your phone appear as a small vintage pocket book, which is a great feature that makes it less noticeable to people. Aside from its theft-deterrent features, it has a leather sheath that serves as a compartment for your IDs, cash, receipts, credit cards, or business cards. From the outside, it looks like your regular pocket-sized book, but it opens up to reveal functional features that you never thought existed. Since you can also use this case as a wallet, it is unlikely to leave your cash behind as long as you always remember to bring your phone wherever you go.

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6. Spigen Slim Armor Phone Case


What makes this case quite interesting is the fact that it does not seem like a case at all. The Slim Armor appears as your iPhone’s back design, and you can choose from a number of colors that matches your style. With the sleek and contemporary appearance of this iPhone case, there is no reason to complain about your phone being too bulky or heavy. It also has a speaker opening that is designed in a way that lets you use the speaker without affecting the sound quality in a negative way.

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5. Kate Spade iPhone Case


Are you into fashion even when it comes to your gadgets? If you like to dress up your phone and make it go well with your other items, then Kate Spade offers a range of designs that you will go crazy about. There’s more to these styles, though, since more than anything, these iPhone cases offer great protection from debris, dust and dirt. These cases are also made of the finest materials and construction, so they are durable and built to last.

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4. Incipio Dual Pro


The DualPro iPhone case features an innovative design that you can never find in most brands available in stores. In fact, it has a unique plextonium flexible plastic material for the exterior, which is embedded in a silicone core with shock-absorbing properties. This product offers immense protection while maintaining the remarkable style and design for fashion-forward individuals. These cases are designed by some of the most ingenious and artistic graphic designers and mechanical engineers that ensure your total satisfaction with every purchase of these trendy and durable cases for your iPhone.

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3. Snugg iPhone Leather Case


If you look for something more business-like and formal for your iPhone case, then this item is an excellent fit to your needs. It provides a snug fit that prevents dirt and dust from getting inside your phone, and it comes with a tab that you can pull when you want to remove your phone from the case. Although you can never place much items inside or make it function as a wallet, you will like the fact that it is very sturdy and provides superb protection to your phone. The leather is also made of the highest quality, and it does not have that funky chemical smell that other leather phone cases have.

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2. Belkin Candy Sheer Phone Case


With excellent screen and button protection and a shiny finish, this Candy Sheer case by Belkin prevents scratches and dings and keeps your phone look like brand new. It also has a two-tone design that adds to your appeal, particularly when you are fond of color. Lastly, it features an easy-grip, flexible and slim design, which makes your phone lightweight as it already is. Among the colors available include shades of blue, purple, and grey, to name a few.

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1. Luvitt Hard Shell Crystal Case


This case is something that you might want to seriously consider getting for your phone because of its ultra-sheer coating and scratch resistant features. It is not surprising that most people “luvitt” because it is made of top-quality Japanese polycarbonate material for enhanced durability and protection. There are also quick access to buttons and ports on your phone.

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