Men’s masks are as popular as those designed for women and the best type of masquerade for you is the one that perfectly matches the shape and structure of your face. The ideal mask should also match your personality. From simple to elegantly designed masks, there is always a mask for everyone, if you can take your time to follow simple rules in your search. Yu will find men’s masquerade in different style, colour, sizes and shapes; therefore you must choose the ones that suits you and at the same time very comfortable to wear. The mask you choose must be masculine and must differentiate you from what ladies wear.

In order to choose the ideal mask as a man, you need to first of all decide what you want to wear in order to narrow down your choices. After having a range of choices, you can then have a budget range for your mask. And make sure you order for the right one on time. Just before you make your final choice, you need to decide whether you want a traditional Venetian style mask for men or the contemporary style. The style you choose must match perfectly your costume so that you don’t look out of place. Let your dress code dictate the kind of mask you choose- traditional costumes suits festival masks for instance.

You need to choose whether you prefer an elaborate styling or something more discrete and simple. If you are wearing a fancy outfit for instance, you will want a mask that will complement it, but you can choose an ornate mask to match an ordinary outfit, therefore the mask will be the central of attraction. Feather mask or a luxury jeweled mask can be the best choice to match n ordinary costume.

When choosing shapes, men often have 3 options, these are; the full face masks, the half-face masks, and the eye masks. You can use full face masks if you want to disguise your identity fully, but it can’t be the best choice at events where you will have to eat and drink lots. Larger masks may not be ideal if you have a petite face structure, therefore eye masks suits most men because they don’t cover all the face, and they are more comfortable. Smaller face men should go for petite masks. , the larger the face the wider the masks should be.

Here are the top 10 masquerade masks for men:

1. The Daredevil mask

The Daredevil mask

This is probably one of the best make masks out there. This mask will surely make you create some commotion anywhere you wear it because of the strangeness of the design. The daredevil mask will make you so daring, it is completed with sparkling mesh slashes and it comes with excellent hand-crafted face structure that makes you look like a daring devil.

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2. The classic Venetian fine quality mask

The classic Venetian fine quality mask is an Italian theme mask that comes in a medium or large size. The mask is designed with a white bird nose and then the whole design is covered with white smooth fabric that creates a perfect cover on the face. The classic Venetian fine mask is quite flexible and comfortable on the face and it also comes with a fastening elastic band to suit every sizes.


3. The Claude mask

The Claude mask

This is a mask designed like a torn face, it is a Casanova type of mask that is hand-painted and designed with a dimensional pattern. This mask is colored in copper with some shades of dark brown chocolate colors. This is an excellent mask for the evening night out.

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4. The Bug eye

The Bug eye is one of the best male masks you will love to wear. This is a form of white Casanova mask that has been hand-painted with expressive black eyes. This mask is quite stunning and can be suitable for any event. The bug eye is good for any theme event.

 5. The Black lightning

The Black lightning

This is a flashy piece of classic Verona mask that is adorned with some wonderful glistering lightning bolts. It goes perfectly well with ordinary disco parties as well as road show carnivals. There are some narrow braids attached to the edges of this mask that make it more appealing. The back lightning also creates some lightning effect that adds to its colourful design and it glows under the sun.

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6. The Battle

If you want a make mask that perfectly fits a competition, then you must consider this mask. This is another stunning midnight design mask that has been over-washed. It comes with adornments of stimulated studs and nail heads that create a more rustic look. This mask comes with an elastic band as well.

 7. “Ashes is Unearthly”

Ashes are another theme for a scary face mask for men. This is a black midnight mask that is wonderfully hand-painted and adorned with some smaller skull-nail heads. This is a mask that perfectly suits a Halloween or any event where you want to create some scary scenes. This mask has a rustic silver appearance, and it comes in different sizes, plus an elastic band to make it fit into different head sizes perfectly.

 8. The Backstreet

The Backstreet is a bloody-bat theme male mask that creates a scary appearance for you. This mask is ideal for Halloween and some other horror-themed parties and occasions. This popular bat-style mask is also hand-painted, and some dripping blood accents are added to create the best finishing design on it. The backstreet bloody bat theme mask is handcrafted with deluxe sticks and fastened with an elastic band to fit ant head size.

 9. The Antonio Black silver


This is a perfect creation and mixes of black and silver colors on a mask. The edges of this mask are trimmed with antique silver braids with some narrow silver braids around the eyes. This mask is hand-crafted with 10-inch deluxe sticks and one good thing about it is that it can be worn by both men and women. This mask is most suitable for antique theme parties and it is also available at cheap prices.

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10. The Amalfi

The Amalfi is one of the most elegantly tasteful masquerade masks for men today; this is a mask that is well hand-painted with glittering swirls that create the perfect accent. This mask is secured to the face with an elastic band, and it is available in different colors and sizes. This mask costs less than $4 at retail stores.