Is your dad retiring from work this year? Do you want to make this day a little more special to him? If so, then you should consider giving him something special for this significant day in his life. Since you know your dad more, then it will be much easier for you to think of great gift items to give him. However, if you are still undecided, then this list of top 10 retirement gift ideas for your father can help you decide on what to buy for him.

10. Sports gear

Sport Gear

Just because your dad is not as young as he used to be, that does not mean he’s too old to do sports! Give your dad some stylish and functional sports gear that he can use such as a nice gym bag, drinking bottle, or just about any essential items for his workouts. He will surely love having more time in his hands to participate in sports or workout sessions now that he is a retiree. So, to make it easier for him, these sports gear will surely come in handy and give him a great start as he explores the great adventure of being vibrant, energetic and young-at-heart again.

9. Outdoors tools

Does your dad enjoy the outdoors? Is he into outdoorsy kinds of activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking? If so, then you should definitely give him a nice set of outdoors tools such as a Swiss Army knife or similar items that he could bring along for his outdoors trip. Other suggested gift items that will be ideal in any outdoors activity would be a backpack, water cooler, fisherman’s hat, and maybe a pair of hiking boots. The choice is completely up to you, and it’s impossible to run out of amazing things to give your father who’s crazy about the life outdoors. Be sure, though, to check the quality of each item you give and never settle for cheap ones that barely last for years.

8. Inspirational book

Every man needs some inspiration, and you can make this possible by giving your dad an inspirational book that he can read when he feels down, frustrated, or just needs an extra boost of spirit. You can choose a number of great books in this genre such as the ones by Richard Bach, Paolo Coelho, Og Mandino, and a few other amazing writers whose works are already a classic. This kind of gift item is one precious thing that your dad will surely consider as his source of hope and inspiration, aside from what his loved ones give him every single day.

7. Humorous book

Now, aside from giving an inspirational or heart-warming book, a funny comic or book will make an excellent gift item for your old man. After all, kids are not the only ones in this world who are crazy about comic books. Even adults enjoy laughing their hearts out while reading a humorous book that give them something to smile about. So, choose a brilliant book that will surely tickle your dad’s funny bones, so he will feel a bit lighter after reading these hilarious comics. Of course, there’s the classic Archie comic book, but you may also choose other titles that are fitting to your dad’s unique sense of humor.

6. Grooming kit

Your dad will appreciate receiving an elegant grooming kit that involves every important item that can keep him looking clean and dashing at all times. Choose a kit that comes in a handy design and stylish pattern, so he can bring it wherever he goes without any hassles. If you want, you may even have the kit personalized by having his name engraved in the case, so it will become even more special and uniquely his.

5. Magazine subscription

Want to give a nice present that your dad will be able to use for years? Then, a magazine subscription is just the perfect thing to give him. You can choose from a number of magazine titles that your dad will love, and make sure it has a theme suitable to your dad’s preferences and interests. As for the subscription period, you can choose from an annual, or semi-annual subscription, depending on your budget and what you are most willing to give your father for this special milestone in his life.

4. Gift card

You probably think that your dad already has every he could possibly need and want in his life, and now you are left clueless about the perfect thing to give him. If you are wondering what else your dad might want, then you may just surprise him with a gift card that is recognized in his favorite store. Choose a gift card that is accepted in a number of shops that sell your dad’s favorite shoes, shirts, tools, or any other item. If you have the time, you may even set a date with your dad to take him shopping. You can expect your dad to love the idea of having you by his side as he shops for clothes or other items in his favorite store.

3. Digital camera

If he is into outdoors and travels, then a lightweight digital camera will be a fantastic treat to give your father. It will be something that he will never leave home without, and he can even use it to capture amazing images and make fond memories of all his adventures. Moreover, make sure the camera has user-friendly features and comes with an interesting design that your father will love.

2. Recliner chair

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A soft and comfy recliner is the perfect gift item for your retiring dad. It is something that he can use as he watches his favorite films or just relax while reading an interesting book. Choose the right color, design, and texture of the chair, and make sure that your dad will enjoy this item.

1. A trip abroad

If you have enough funds, you should not hold back your decision of giving him a ticket for two to his most-loved country or city. Not only will a trip give him something to look forward to, but it can also turn his greatest dream into reality as he explores another country.