Some countries have a better economy than others, and that is a known fact – some of them rely mostly on tourism and entertainments, others on oil while others on exporting finished goods. Over the past few decades, some new countries have emerged in the list of the richest countries in the world – that being said, here you will find the top 10 countries considered to be the richest this year:

10. Kuwait


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Kuwait is certainly one of the most beautiful Arab countries, but it is also considered to be one of the richest with an average GDP of over $43,000. This is precisely what makes Kuwait one of the most thriving and successful countries in the Middle East and, as you may already know already, a significant part of Kuwait’s riches come from exporting crude oil and its petroleum deposits, as it is known that this country is extremely rich in oil. In spite of the fact that the total population of Kuwait is of under three million inhabitants, the country has managed to stand out from the crowd and to advance at a faster pace than many other countries in the Middle East.

9. The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is known to have a very comfortable income, and if you live in Europe or plan to move to an European country for a better life, then you should know that the United Kingdom is also amongst the richest countries in the world. In addition to that, it is also known that the United Kingdom ranks very high on the Better Life Index – as the name implies, this index analyzes the overall living situation of those that reside here, and the results are certainly very encouraging. In other words, if you are looking for a country that is thriving and evolving as we speak and where the better life index is higher than it is in most European countries, then you should certainly put the United Kingdom on the list and you will not be disappointed.

8. Macau


Also referred to as Macao, Macau is known to be one of the richest and most developed countries in Asia, with a GDP per capita of little over $87,000. The country has slowly manage to stand out from anonymity and it is still growing and progressing – and so is the GDP along with it! Macau lies on the side of the Pearl River Delta and most of its economy relies heaving on tourism as well as gambling, although the manufacturing industry is very sought-after in this area as well. Overall, tourism is by far the main economical pillar in Macau at the moment.

7. Luxembourg



Luxembourg is a small European country – as small as it may be, statistics show that is one of the most prosperous and thriving countries in the entire world. In addition to the high better life index in Luxembourg, it must be said that this beautiful country has also managed to gain a lot of attention and popularity from the rich people who choose to move here over the past few decades, as Luxembourg is known for its very low taxes on the income. Luxembourg has managed to boost its economy by relying on several essential industries – for instance, this country is very famous for its steel production as well as for the telecommunications industry.

6. Australia


Australia is very versatile when it comes to its main income sources, as it has never relied solely on one particular industry – as a matter of fact, it is known that Australia has such a good GDP (of almost $45,000) due to its tourism combined with its incredible efforts in the field of education, as well as for the fact that Australia has also strived to offer its residents good jobs with great paychecks. No matter if you want to visit Australia briefly or you plan to move here, you will certainly love this country.

5. The United States of America


Known as one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world, the United States of America has managed to gather a significant part of its income by exporting a variety of products, from state of the art technology and gadgets to manufacturing weapons and other products – at the time being, the US is seen as one of the most prolific manufacturers in the entire world. Its steady financial situation has attracted millions of tourists and people who decided to move to the US for a better life, over the past decade – and that it completely understandable!

4. Switzerland


Switzerland is yet another rich European country that in spite of being very small (with a population of just under 10 million inhabitants), it is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The economy of Switzerland has been very steady over the past few years, and the country has managed to build a reputation for itself by offering impeccable tourism services, banking, agriculture, watches and chocolate! As a matter of fact, the Swiss watches and chocolate are renowned all around the world – that, coupled with the low taxes is the reason why so many wealthy people consider moving to Switzerland to increase their profits and to minimize their losses.

3. The United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates have grown incredibly much over the past thirty years – so much that the UAE has now gained a place in the top 10 richest countries in the world, with an average GDP of around $48.000. As you may know already, the United Arab Emirates is a country that consists of 7 independent Emirates that have their very own rulers. At the time being, the UAE is seen as one of the richest, largest and most prosperous countries in the Middle East, and this country has managed to get most of its profit out of exporting oil, natural gas and a variety of other goods.

2. Singapore


Another very popular and rich country is Singapore, a large country in Asia that has an average GDP of around $60,000 and which has managed to build a name for itself by relying on the tourism, cuisine as well as on its exquisite educational system. Singapore has grown a lot over the past years and it has slowly become one of the richest and most respected countries in the entire world.

1. Qatar


Qatar has been the number one richest country in the world for the past few years, in spite of the fact that it has only two million residents. Located in the Middle East Asia, Qatar is known to have a very steady economy as it relies heavily on petroleum exports, banking as well as tourism.