Hair is always considered as the great wealth that you possess and it is the factor that can influence the way you look in a substantial manner. People still consider long hair as the symbol of beauty. Having thick and long hair is also the sign of youth as well as health. Many women love in making their hair grow longer as possible. There are even men who grow hair long so that they can look much good and can be made as their style factor. In most of the cases people find it hard to make their hair grow faster and as the way that they want it to be.

10. Proper Diet

There is a great importance for having all the nutrients that are necessary for making your hair grow longer. Keratin is the substance that is present in hair and this is a kind of protein that comprises of amino acids. The best thing that you can do in favour for your hair is to increase the intake of the food items that are rich in protein and this include meats, eggs, yogurt and such dairy products. Beauty is all about what you eat and it should be always taken care for sticking to a diet that is healthy.

9. Proper Care

Proper care to hair is the other thing that you need to do for making the fast growth of hair. When you are taking care of the hair, you need to do the various things which include the minimization of chemical treatments etc.

8. Do not Wash Hair Regularly

You should also minimize the frequency of washing your hair. It is advised to wash the hair about 2 days in a week. If you are washing your hair daily, this can lead to the loss of the essential oil that is present in the hair. The essential oil helps in stimulating the hair growth.

7. Massaging the Hair

It is important for you to massage your hair well with the oil that can be helpful in nourishing your hair. The massaging of the scalp is a process that can help in increasing the blood circulation which can lead to the increase in the growth of hair. You can get the help of a scalp massager if you are lazy to massage the hair with your hand. You can increase the pace of hair growth with this procedure.

6. Trimming of the Hair

There has been a great discussion about the significance of trimming in increasing the growth of the hair. The damaged hair when not trimmed can lead to the damage to reach upto the root. This situation can make it hard for new hair to grow. When the hair is trimmed regularly there is less effort for repairing the hair. The trimming of hair can help in the stimulation of the hair growth. Unhealthy hair is not capable of growing fast.

5. Deep Treatments for Conditioning

There are various treatments available which is meant for conditioning the hair. The hair can be made smooth as well as silky with the help of the hair conditioners available from the popular brands. When you are applying the hair conditioner make sure you are not applying it on the roots of the hair. The application of the conditioner on the scalp can lead to the problems like hair fall and others which can make your hair get thinner and thinner that you expect it to be. When you are applying the conditioner that is applied on the scalp can lead to the clogging of pores on the scalp that can make the scalp stop breathing.

4. Caring the Hair at Sleep Time

When you are sleeping, you should not tie your hair so tightly. A ponytail that is tied so tight or a tight braid is not options that are available for making the hair grow faster. This type of tight braid can lead to the breakage of hair and also can lead to pain on scalp. When you are tying hair so tight it can only cause damage to hair and so the best thing that you can do is to tie the hair loosely. You can also make use of the pillow cover of silk so that there won’t be any kind of friction associated with the hair and also can help the skin of the face to get rid of any kind of wrinkles.

3. Vinegar Rinsing

Vinegar is an element the is helpful in making the hair grow much faster and also can vary the appearance of your hair. The hair can become much shiny, healthy and stronger. Vinegar should be added to water for washing your hair. Two table spoons that f vinegar can be added to about a litre of water. This solution can be made used for washing the hair. The vinegar solution can be made used as a conditioner after shampooing of the hair. If you do not love the smell of vinegar then you can add some drops of essential oil that you love into the solution. This is the perfect solution for making your hair grow faster and in a healthy and shiny way.

2. Hair Masks

The thing that you need is to have for preparing this hair mask is potato juice. The hair mask with the onion juice is always a better solution for helping you in making the hair grow faster and strong. The smell of the onion juice won’t go from the hair for more than a week. The hair can grow fast with a potato juice too and it won’t have any smell. Juices of two big potatoes, one table spoon of honey and yolk of an egg need to be mixed and applied to hair.

1.Brushing the Hair

It is important for you to brush your hair regularly twice a day. Brushing the hair should be done with immense care so that hair does not break. Brushing the wet hair can lead to the damage of the hair.