Every woman needs to feel special and important during her birthday, and you can do so by making this day something worth remembering. Aside from throwing an exciting party with friends, you should think of giving the perfect birthday gift for her. So, whether you are in need of an idea for a birthday present to give your mother, sister, aunt, or female colleague, then these suggested items may be worth buying. These are spectacular gift ideas that will draw a smile to that person’s face and give her more reasons to enjoy this special day in her life.

10. A book

You may think it’s too typical to give women a book, but it is one of the best items that is well-accepted by any person. As for your choice of the right book to give, you should base in on your mom’s interests. For instance, if she is crazy about cooking and preparing meals, then a recipe book that features her favorite recipe will do the trick. Fashion enthusiasts, on the other hand, will love receiving a book about different fashion icons, designs, and styles that suit their interests. There are endless options when it comes to books, and it only depends on what the person is interested in to help you determine the perfect type of book to give.

9. CDs

Everyone loves music, which makes a collector’s item of CDs an excellent birthday gift to give that special woman in your life. While everyone can simply download songs online for free, a CD, particularly one that is considered as a collector’s item or signed by the artist is an amazing present for anyone’s birthday. This item is also something that she can play in the car during that long trip, or it could be a perfect item she would want to listen to when she feels bored at home. So, choose the right genre of music for her and pick a great CD that the recipient will go crazy about.

8. Beauty kit

Women always want to look amazing whenever and wherever they are. So, what better way to feed her needs to stay beautiful and chic than by giving her a lovely kit for her skin care and beauty products. You can choose from different prints and designs that will match her preference such as the ones by Kate Spade or other higher end designers. Make it a point to choose a beauty kit that contains every item that will meet her needs and preference.

7. Scarves

Does she adore wearing different styles and patterns of scarves? If she is crazy about this essential fashion item, then you should consider giving her a nice scarf that has an interesting design to meet her interests and standards. You should also choose one that is available in the right length and thickness that she loves. If your goal is to give her a scarf for formal use, then match the design well and opt for muted or classic colors. On the other hand, scarves that are perfect for casual attire should have a trendier style to compliment one’s style well.

6. Jewelry


Any women adore jewelry, so you should consider giving her stylish and classic pieces that she could wear in any events. If you have no idea about the type of jewelry for her, you can check out the regular pieces she wears each day for inspiration. However, if you think these pieces do not suit her just fine, then you may check various fashion magazines for ideas on what can be great for her. You will not only help her become more fashionable, but she will also feel good about herself when she is able to flaunt her sense of style and actually feel confident about it.

5. Handbag

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A handbag is every woman’s essential items because it is easy to bring, spacious enough, and chic for any occasion. You should look for a handbag that would look great no matter what the color of the outfit is, as well as the design. Check the compartments and the material used in the product. It should be durable enough to last for years – even without being a designer brand. After all, what matters most is the design, right size of the bag and durability instead of merely he external appearance of the bag.

4. Workout gear or apparel

If she is fond of working out, then a few essential pieces for working out can be your best bet when it comes to the perfect birthday gift item for her. Among your options for a workout fear is a yoga mat, water bottle container, workout shirts and shorts, and comfy sock. You may even give her a chic gym bag that she can bring along during her regular workout sessions. Just make sure you choose the perfect design that will suit her preference just fine.

3. Wallet

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You may either give her a trendy wallet that comes in loud colors, or you may opt for a branded leather wallet that can stand the test of time. Choose a ladies’ wallet that has the right compartments for her needs, and make sure it is spacious enough to give her plenty of areas to arrange her coins and dollar bills.

2. Salon gift certificate

She deserves to look and feel great about herself, and you can make this happen by giving her a gift certificate to her favorite salon. Here, she can get a nice makeover that will boost her lovely appearance without having to pay for anything. With this kind of gift, you will be able to feed her craving for a salon makeover to make her look stunning and chic.

1. Gift card

Not sure what to give the birthday girl? Do you think she has almost everything that she possibly wants? Then, a gift card may be just what you should give her. This way, she can go shopping and pick out an amazing gift that will give her more reasons to smile on her big day. Just make it a point to get a gift card that is accepted in her various store or mall for her convenience.